R-Cabin is a small reverberation chamber which can be used to measure the sound absorption of materials for automotive industries. R-Cabin features:

  • Appropriate for measurement of sound absorption characteristics of small and irregular samples, such as car seat, roof panel, carpet and etc.
  • The size of the tested sample can be up to 3 square meters
  • Frequency range: 400~10000Hz


  • Designing and optimization of the inner-car decoration acoustic system
  • Testing of the sound absorption coefficients of the inner-car items
  • Quality Control of the tested items
  • R&D of new materials and new items

The system consists of:

  • R-Cabin
  • 4-Channel Data Acquisition and sound generator instrument MC3242 or MC3642
  • 4 sets of microphones MPA 231
  • 2 sets of OS002 sound source
  • Audio Amplifier SWA-100
  • VA-Lab software
  • Standard samples for checking the measurement