Microphone Array

sps980BSWA designs and manufactures microphone arrays for acoustical measurements.  Our experience spans from simple linear array to complicated random array.  The number of microphones in the arrays ranges from 16 to 256 according to the customers’ requirements.

Microphones are the most important elements in the array; BSWA uses MPA416 (or MPA466 with TEDS) for 1/4” microphone array.  The phases of the microphones are matched according to the customer’s specifications.  For critical applications where high accuracy and low noise are required, BSWA will recommend MPA231 (or MPA261 with TEDS) as microphone elements

To make the array structurally stable, BSWA uses stainless steel (or aluminum) and CNC cutting to fabricate the mechanical parts.


Model SPT980 SPS980 SPS490
Type of Array Spiral Spiral Spiral
No. of Microphones 36 36 16
Diameter 1.0 m 1.0 m 0.5 m
Microphone Model MPA231T MPA416 MPA416
Dynamic Range 20 ~ 135 dBA 30 ~ 128 dBA 30 ~ 128 dBA
Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Phase Match ±2 º ±5 º ±5 º
Cabling 8-pin LEMO to 8 SMBs 8-pin LEMO to 8 SMBs 8-pin LEMO to 8 SMBs