Microphone, Microphone Capsules

MP201MP201 microphone is the best choice for use in IEC61672 Class 1 Sound Level Meters and other noise measurements requiring Class 1 accuracy. The microphone housing and diaphragm are made from the same nickel alloy to ensure the smallest temperature coefficients.

Production quality control for the MP201 uses only 40% of the frequency response tolerances allowed by IEC61672 Class 1 microphones.

MP231MP231 microphone uses stainless steel as protection grid, which makes the microphone stronger and firmer. The MP231 conforms to IEC61672 Class 1 standard with a sensitivity of 40mv/Pa. The MP231 is perfect for its long-term stability.

Model MP201 MP231
Diaphragm Material Nickel Nickel
Housing Material Aloy Aloy
Open-Circuit Sensitivity -26 dB±2 dB (50 mV/Pa) -28 dB±3 dB (40 mV/Pa)
Capacitance (Typical) 16 pF 16 pF
Diameter 1/2 inch
Response Free Field
Polarization Voltage 0 V
Frequency Response 6.3 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Dynamic Range (3% Distortion Limit) > 146 dB
Cartridge Thermal Noise < 16 dB (A)
Pressure Equalization Vent Rear Vented
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ 80°C
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 98% RH
Equivalent Air Volume 250 mm3 at 250 Hz
Temperature Coefficient (-10°C ~ 50°C) - 0.005 dB/°C
Humidity Coefficient - 0.003 dB/%RH
Pressure Coefficient (250 Hz) - 0.004 dB/kPa
Dimensions IEC 61094-4 Type WS