Microphone, Outdoor Microphones

outdoor3Outdoor microphones are for outdoor uses such as the outdoor acoustic measurement or community and traffic noises monitoring. BSWA outdoor microphones are fitted with a windscreen, a rain protection and a bird spike to protect them from wind, rain, snow and other atrocious weather.

BSWA outdoor microphones can be calibrated by a pistonphone by removing the windscreen and the rain protection.

OM231 is 1/2 inch prepolarized condenser outdoor microphone. It is suitable for use in rainy days or in an environment at very high or very low temperature. OM231 uses IEC 61672 CLASS 1 measurement microphone which is outstanding for its stability. It is the best choice for permanent outdoor use such as the airport noise monitoring.

OM416 is a low-cost outdoor microphone. It used 1/4’’ ICCP microphone, which makes it suitable for 0º and 90 º measurements. The OM416 is designed with disposable microphone concept. The microphone is easily removed and replaced after about six months of outdoor uses. OM 416 is supplied with 5 disposable microphones.

Models OM231 OM416
Sensitivity 40 mV/Pa 50 mV/Pa
Microphone Diameter 1/2’’ 1/4’’
Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz 20 Hz ~20 kHz
Dynamic Range (3% Distortion Limit) 18 ~130 dB 29 ~127 dB
Polarization Voltage 0 V 0 V
Power Supply 4 mA 4 mA
Reference direction 0º or 90º
Output Connector BNC SMB