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Spherical Surface Fixture

Spherical Surface Fixture

mf710720In the measurement of sound power level according to ISO 3745-2003, 20 measurement positions are required on a spherical measurement surface enveloping a noise source in anechoic and hemi-anechoic room.  However, it is difficult to mount 20 microphones on tripods in a spherical surface.

BSWA developed MF720 (and MF710) microphone fixture specifically for such measurements.  MF720 is designed according to ISO 3745-2003 to mount 20 microphones over the spherical surface; MF710 is a 10 positions version according to ISO3745; ISO7779 and GB6882.

MF720/ MF710 features:

  • 20 / 10 microphone positions
  • The position and orientation of each microphone can be adjusted to fit the amendment of the ISO standards
  • Portable with light weight and the parts can be disassembled for easy transportation
Model MF720 MF710
No. of Microphone Positions 20 10
Standards ISO3745-2003 ISO7779, GB6882-88; ISO3475-1982
Radius (microphone positions) (m) 1.0 1.0
Microphone Size to be Fixed on (inch) 1/2 1/2
Carrying Case (mm) 1500 * 350 * 200 1500 * 350 * 200
Weight (kg) 11 10
MPA231 (1/2” ICCP Microphones) 20 10
CBB 020 (20m BNC cables) 20 10